3 Reasons Why Rent a Condo

  1. Renting a condo = less responsibilities

    Less responsibilities leaves you with more time and freedom. No need to worry about the repairs to be done in your condo, lawn mowing or snow removal: we take care of these and much more. It gives you more time for your family and hobbies.

  2. Renting a condo = more money in your pocket

    Renting allows you to avoid many expenses such as notary fees, welcome tax, school and municipal taxes, mortgage loan insurance and so on. If you were thinking of buying a condo, also think about the condo fees and special assessments. Moreover, your deposit of a month’s worth of rent seems rather insignificant compared to a down payment for a property (min. 5% of the purchase price). With all the money you save, you can treat yourself with a trip down south.

  3. Renting a condo = peace of mind

    Life constantly has surprises and unforeseen events in store for us. When you rent, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance fees whether it’s for the condo or the building itself: it’s within our responsibilities as landlords. No need to worry about the possibility of buying a condo and selling it at a loss in a market where condos are becoming very abundant. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.