Dynamism, Experience, Adaptation. These key elements led to CGK realties’ growth and success for the past 24 years.

Our first acquisition of a multi-residential building was in 1998. We learned to manage it despite the little knowledge we had at the time. We quickly realized that we want to grow in the real estate industry.

Throughout the years, we have acquired many apartment buildings in different municipalities. We have adapted and reinvented ourselves to continually grow our business.

Our desire to always better our service created a stimulating work environment for our employees who execute their jobs with passion. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by reinvesting substantial amounts in our properties to improve them.

Today, CGK realties owns and manages hundreds of apartments in Greater Montreal. We do not manage properties for other companies or individuals. We concentrate our energy on our own properties to offer quality service to our tenants.


Providing our tenants with quality apartments at a fair price.

We want our tenants to feel at home.

Our Values


We keep our buildings clean


We value our tenants and constantly offer them the best and most viable solutions


What you see is what you get


Creating a nice environment for people living in the same space


We are always doing our best given the circumstances


We keep our word and honor our commitments


We surround ourselves with knowledgeable and experienced suppliers


We learn everyday and use it to better our service


Our buildings are properly cared for and we maintain the standard


Our employees and suppliers are the key to our success with our clients